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The more you look the more you see! It’s as simple as that

Incidental Images

Captured in a moment of spontaneity, the image preserved as chance presented itself.

Places & Stories

The Incidental Images on this website were captured as seen whilst journeying, walking, visiting or just passing through. Here you will find a few words about those places, what those travels meant to me.

Birmingham (January 2015)

I went up to Birmingham today, to see a soon to vanish scene. In the middle of the city there stands, for now, a giant concrete building. The …
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I have been to Warsaw before but still feel a child like thrill as my train pulls into the city. I think because it was a long time goal, a reminder of my first foray to Europe, to Paris waiting for the train home at Gare du Nord. On the departure board there was no Crewe or Doncaster, or Swindon. Instead Brussels, Hannover, Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow. Exotic cities of the Old East.
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Gdansk. Danzig. The city where the first shots of World War II were fired and where the opening salvos that finally brought down the crumbling Eastern Bloc were unleashed. And, as that experiment in Empire has collapsed, so it feels that the centuries of wealth has drained and departed from the city: no more the town’s Baltic trade, no more the Free City and no more work at the mighty Lenin shipyards. Though not yet gone.
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"My work is rooted in the landscape, whether the haunting emptiness of wild places or the visual impact of the human hand on the rural or urban scene."


News and information about my work, exhibitions etc.

31st May 2017

Warwickshire Open Studios Exhibition

The stark beauty of cityscapes, post-industrial images and sumptuous man-made landscapes is captured in this new exhibition of images from Robert Shuttleworth, on display as part of Warwickshire …
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