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Welcome to Incidental Images, a website of photographs and blogs from my travels: wild lands and nature, urban and city scenes, decay and dereliction, places where the human impact is never far away. All images are for sale.

Kinder Scout, Derbyshire, September 2019

Kinder Scout looms large on the horizon as you drive over the moors towards the Derwent Valley. Almost mesa like, it broods darkly over the lesser heights, blocking off sight of all points north.
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Lost and Found

The first sunny day for ages and I am standing in the middle of the heather wasteland that makes up large chunks of the Berwyn hills, searching for a faint track that I was fairly sure existed but simply could not see.
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A Day on Kinder Scout, Derbyshire

I’ve been over Kinder Scout so many times I’ve lost count, from freezing cold winters with the ground covered in drifted snow to baking hot summer days where all around is green and lush, and the warmth radiates back from the peat and the gritstone rocks. But above all Kinder Scout, along with its neighbour Bleaklow, are my springtime go-to hills.
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From cityscapes to empty uplands, from scenes of decay to the textures of nature and old industry, my images explore the imprint of humans upon the landscape, and the beauty that accrues. Please get in touch if you want to buy an image or find out a little more about any of them.


Information and updates about my work, exhibitions etc.

14th April 2019

New Galleries

Some exciting new images from recent journeys and walks and a shuffle of the galleries is coming soon. If all goes well they should be up by May!

31st May 2017

Warwickshire Open Studios Exhibition

The stark beauty of cityscapes, post-industrial images and sumptuous man-made landscapes is captured in this new exhibition of images from Robert Shuttleworth, on display as part of Warwickshire …
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